David Brubaker

I am a member of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association.  This is the national organization under which the MKMVPA is chartered.  I own an M151A2 1/4 ton truck.  With my fathers help we restored this from a non-running collection of parts.  Click here to see some more about it 

I am on the Board of Directors for the Kansas Museum of Military History. It is very rewarding and a lot of fun. The crew that works with me is great and that makes it all the more enjoyable!

I am a WiFi Network Engineer at Boeing working with wireless networks and also with T1 Telephony stuff (OLD crap).

Donna Brubaker

Donna is retired and takes care of my parents needs for getting around town and stuff like that.


Donna and I have been married since June of 1972 (I love her very much!) and we have two sons - Brian and Kevin.

Brian is married to a lovely girl, Ching and they are very happy together. Ching is a first rate daughter-in-law and we love her very much! Brian and Ching are true sole-mates and it shows in everything they do in their life! 


Kevin, our youngest son, is in Kansas City, I do not have a recent picture for the web page though. At the moment I do not have a lot of info about Kevin to add here, but hope that soon this will change. Check back soon for an update.

Our Hobbies

I love military history, especially the Vietnam Era. As mentioned, I have restored a military vehicle and I get a great deal of joy from working with it!

Donna is really into cross-stitch and is always working on several projects at once. She can tell you all about the latest thing going on with the craft. She is very good at it, and I would argue with anybody who tried to say that it is not a form of art!  I think her favorite work is making things for babies!  Pictures or samplers for the wall in the nursery is one of the best things that she creates. 

She is also interested in the military vehicle hobbies that I am involved with.  She often accompanies me when I am out with the groups.

 Here is a picture of her being mean to me at an air show, can you believe it!

Other Hobbies and Interest

I love flying in different planes!  My most favorite ride was in a Seta Jet at the Air Capital Air Show, all the flight gear is from my collection. We raced a jet powered car, it was great!

I have also had some stick time in a Russian AN-2 biplane. The thing flew like a truck!


This is me getting out after my flight. All the flight gear is my own.
Now, if I could only catch a ride in a B52!

I got to tour an AN-124 recently, this is one huge aircraft, you have to see the cockpit to believe it!