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The new and the old!
On the left, an M38 Air Police vehicle, on the right my M151A2 Security Police vehicle.


My Father and I are partners in the restoration of an M151A2 jeep. It is a 1972 model, manufactured by AM General. Since this is the same "jeep" that I drove when I was in the Army, I have a real soft spot in my heart for them. The restoration has been a lot of fun for my Dad. He is 86 and really gets a kick out of working on it. This restoration has been pretty basic. We have not done the "ground up" kind of work that many do. We wanted to play with our new acquisition for a while first. So my Father and I and a few of my friends stripped the crappy gray paint it was covered in and painted it O.D. Green, which was the original issue color. The markings are U.S. Air Force, to match the B52D theme I am so interested in, and represents a Security Police vehicle of the same period as my B52D, specifically the 307th Bomb Wing Security Police Detachment, U Tapao Thailand. I have installed a PRC-77 radio and a pedestal gun mount. A replica M-60 machine gun is mounted on an M-142 gun cradle.

I am a member of the Military Vehicles Preservation Association, which has provided a wealth of information. There is a link for the MVPA located on the page of links listed back on my front page.

On guard! Standing watch on the KC135E at the Kansas Aviation Museum

Here are a couple of photos from the Security Police Reunion at McConnell AFB, 2005

At a Sonic drive in in Hutchinson, Kansas

Drying out after a rain storm at the 1st Annual MV Rally in Wichita, Kansas

The jeep also pulls flight line duty when I work the air shows at the Kansas Aviation Museum
Just some of the hard working ramp crew

A lot more information and pictures below, just click and enjoy!

Additional pictures and detail shots of our M151A2

Pictures of my engine tear-down for rear seal replacement
and front wiring harness replacement

Military Forms - Vehicle log book and other forms

Mutts in action

The C-Ration and MRE Ration Cookbooks

More Useful Links

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Military Jeeps Home Page - M151 web site of Morihisa Ochi in Japan

Military Vehicle Preservation Association

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