M151A2 U.S.A.F. Security Police

David and Clark Brubaker - Owners

Rotating Beacon - Used by troops to give vehicle visibility when crossing runways.
Covered with a sandbag when in the field.

The cover switches control the beacon and kill switch.
The covers prevent the switches from being activated by accident.
Since this picture the master switch has been replaced with proper part.

The chain and bracket lock the steering wheel and the transmission in gear.
It was on the vehicle when I got it and seemed worth keeping.

What fun is a jeep without a couple of grenades!

Standard Air Force issue Halon extinguisher and first aid kit.

The hitch has since been painted green to match the vehicle.

The helmet and flak jacket are my own from my hitch in the Army.

The M60 is a de-milled gun, hard to tell unless you get very close.

The ammunition is dummy, the tips were painted to represent tracer, ball and AP rounds.

This shot is here simply because I like the flag flying on the antenna.

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