Various pictures of the 1/4 ton in use

Pictures are from everywhere....sent to me, found on the web. I will attach photo credits anywhere that is provided, or remove on request.

Israeli Tow M151A2

This could not have been good for the driver, you can see the rear swing arms are not semi-trailing

Security Police M151, location unknown

          Security Police M151A1 at Phan-Rang Air Force Base, date unknown.   Looks like an M151A1, judging from the turn signal lever on the column.  Note the tie-down on the muzzle of the M60.


A different Security Police M151A1 at Pleiku, notice the wire cutter mounted on the front

M151A1 with crew at Pleiku, note the .50 cal onboard

M151A1 at Pleiku, complete with .50 caliber M2HB machine gun

M151A1, location unknown

Aftermath of an attack, SP's on watch

I saw this sort of stuff on the spare tires a lot when I was with 1st Infantry

Good look at uniforms of SP's in Vietnam

M151A1, note the amber headlights

Judging from the front bumper and wheel hubs, this is a Marine vehicle

Nice clean looking M151A1.  Looks like it is getting radios installed

Note that this is an M151A1 and the guys riding in it have kevlar helmets on.  Did they keep it around just for ceremonies?

This would have been tough on the lady in the dress that is driving!

Wow!  A captain driving his own vehicle.  Check out the hood stencils

No passenger seat covers, short antenna mount.... standard prep for shipping?

Nice shot of the sling load.  Note the jerry cans mounted on back of trailer and slings attached to vehicle wheel hub loops

Coming off the pallet after an air drop.  Looks like rear wheels still do not have weight on them because of the cardboard underneath.  Probably using front wheels to pull it free

M151A1 in foreign service, HK assault rifles and chocolate chip uniforms with steel pots

M151A2 about to fly

M151A2 with Mk19 grenade launcher which appears to be mounted off-center

I have a FM I am putting on line that shows the plans for this box mounted on the hood

Anybody have an idea of what the location might be?

This configuration would certainly be different if presented at a vehicle rally, but I don't think this is in military service.  Note the mirrors and hood markings.  Could be!

Nice picture of a Fast Attack version.  Extended wheel wells.  Lots of extra goodies.  Wheels are much bigger.  Note the body beat to heck between the wheels

You never see the black tape on the headlights at vehicle rallies.  Think I might try this just to be a little different from all the other Mutts

Added this shot for the wire cutter

Wish I had one of those service stands! Photo courtesy of TNJ Murray

Very nice shot of the underside Photo courtesy of TNJ Murray

M151, note the grill

More underside shots, nice and clean! Photo courtesy of TNJ Murray

I added this shot because of the trailer hitch and the four holes in the left bumperette Photo by Don Roberts

Just look at all that stuff they are carrying, also the wire cutter


I am pretty sure this is an Israeli unit.  FN Mag mounted with the other stuff, also note the ground mount attached in front of the driver

Armored M151A1, sitting pretty low on the wheels.  Convoy escort would be my quess, probably has a bunch of sandbags on the floor as well.

Note the .50 cal with the very large ammo can attached

M60 gunner lighting them up!

Are those sun visors on the windshield?

Another armored mutt.  Note what appears to be an armor plate under the vehicle between the front and rear wheels

I want you to send me more pictures of M151's in action, I will post them here!

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