For some of us the military rations are fond or not so fond memories.  For others it is a big mystery.  Why do so many people hate/like/love (take your pick) these meals?  The C-Rations are lost to the world, too old to eat even if you find one, the cookbook below might help you a little with that.  So for all of you, in the know or just curious about the whole deal, I give to you the Ration cook books, both C-rat and MRE.  I hope you enjoy.

The C-Ration Cookbook


Author of this is unknown to me.  If anybody knows who is responsible for the talent that created this, please let me know!

The MRE Cookbook

Meals, Ready to Eat


Meals, Reluctant to Exit

Take your pick.....

These books were found in several places on the web.  I stumbled across them and decided to put them in one place so everybody could find them and enjoy.  There were no copy rights mentioned and regretfully no credits listed for the creativity.  If anyone knows who this credit should go to, please let me know so that proper attention to credit can be given here.

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